Meeting Minutes – March 2, 2016

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Call To Order: 7:15 PM

In Attendance: 6

Previous Minutes
Read and moved to accept minutes. Accepted as read at 0:00 PM

Bank: $2657.68
GIC: $3596.63
Cash: $79.60
Total: $6333.91

Expenses: None

50/50: N/A – Meeting too small
Paid members to date: 16 – total membership revenue: $725.00

Chris messaged and said that the indoor flying has been slow but steady.

No new MAAC news to report

The road is very muddy and the parking lot is soupy. The field is almost clear, but has been vandalized by trucks and quads.

Old Business

  • The owner of the Bednesti Resort is willing to sanction the beach for the PGAMs. Rick is going to follow up regarding rules, regulations and general information.
  • RE/MAX has agreed to supply the large party tents for the fun fly. There may be a nominal setup fee because of the distance to the location, but Rick, Gord and Shaun are willing to chip in to cover the costs.
  • PGAM executive roles voted on with the following results:
    • President: Rick
    • Past Pres: Stan
    • Treasurer: Ron
    • Secretary: Shaun
    • Safety Officer: Chris

New Business

  • The vandalism is ramping up and the general consensus is that something needs to be done to protect the field. Kevin has a good idea about trenching all the way around the back and two ends, then fence off the front.

Meeting Adjourned: 8:04 PM