Indoor Flying Field

Indoor Flying Field Is Open

The indoor flying field is located at 950 Kerry Street, Aimhi Community Centre (Old Lakewood Elementary School) and is open on Saturdays from 7:00pm to 9:00pm.

Indoor flying is closed throughout the summer.

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Main Flying Field (Giesbrecht)

Giesbrecht Field Is Open

The main flying field is located west of Prince George on the Giesbrecht Dairy farm. This field is slightly remote so please bring food, water, and shade for those extended flying days. There are multiple pilot stations, workbenches, picnic tables, pit toilet, fire pit, and great parking for your convenience.

Driving Directions:

  1. From Prince George, head west on the Yellowhead Highway 16 W.
  2. Turn left onto the Blackwater road.
  3. Drive 6 kilometers down the Blackwater road.
  4. Turn left onto the private driveway, address 15960.
  5. Turn left onto the road that is parallel to the treeline and follow to field parking lot.

Lat/Long: 53.786425, -122.849089

Due to the remote location, there are no time restrictions and the gate is left open throughout the summer months.